Meine Bücher unterscheiden sich vielleicht von typischen Kriminalromanen, denn ich schreibe nicht über Polizeiarbeit und professionelle Detektive, sondern erzähle die Geschichte aus der Sicht des Protagonisten. Ich fühle, hoffe, lache und weine immer mit den Figuren in meinen Geschichten und fühle mich ihnen sehr nahe. Und am Ende frage ich mich: ‚Wie werden sie weiterleben?‘

My books might differ from typical crime novels as I don’t write about police work and professional detectives but rather tell the story from the protagonist’s point of view. I always feel, hope, laugh and cry with the characters in my stories, feeling very close to them. And at the end, I am asking myself: ‘What will become of them?’ 

Crime fiction for dog lovers

Life in Coolum Beach is never boring for the Kuhlmann family. Despite occasional bouts of homesickness, they enjoy living in this Australian coastal town, especially since they have found great new friends among humans and dogs. But they are horrified when somebody discovers a body in a strange outfit. Why does the dead man wear a flipper on his right foot, more than a kilometre away from the nearest beach? The victim was a seventeen-year-old vegan, committed to animal welfare and nature conservation. Why was he killed?

Coming across some creepy people, the Kuhlmanns are starting to feel a bit anxious. And somehow, they become entangled in dangerous events that are connected to the mysterious murder case.

Mein neues Buch

The man with the yellow sneakers ( English Edition )